Providing cloud computing solutions since 2001, eOfficeMgr helps improve your competitiveness and reduce your costs.

eOfficeMgr Provides anytime, anywhere access to state-of-the-art business applications and removes the headaches and costs of frequent application and computer updates.

 From our secure Cybertrails data center eOfficeMgr provides access to the applications you use like Accounting, Desktop Productivity, etc. We can host any program you like on a shared or dedicated server.


Benefits of hosted applications

You don’t have to install or update your applications.

Access your applications/data from any Internet-connected computer.

Use PCs and/or Macs.

Backups are handled automatically.

 Intoducing RemoteApps!

(The following images are just screen shots. Click the Sign in button at the top right of this screen to access your hosted programs with RemoteApps.)

Access your hosted applications through a simple web site rather than Remote Desktop Connection.


Select the appropriate folder.


Choose which app to run.


Extra benefits of RemoteApps

Access is through a simple web site or from your local Start menu.

Applications look like they’re running on your local computer.

Benefits for existing customers

Web sign in and interface is easier to use than Remote Desktop Connection.

Domain name is no longer needed for logon.

System automatically starts your session on the server with the best performance.

Printer utility Screwdrivers is no longer required. 

Fewer scheduled maintenance hours.

Latest Windows Server 2012 R2 operating system.

​ ​

Coming attractions

In 2015 we will introduce the latest concepts in hosting: Just-in-time servers, geo-located resources and on-demand computing. If you’d like to hear about these services now, just call us at the number below.

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